The pleasure of a warm room

Sundreamglass - Infrarot HeizungenWhat sundreamglass is about?
It is an infrared heater with a high calorific power which allows considerable energy savings. The glass plate releases heat and transmits the benefits of infrared radiation (such as sunlight).
Infrared heat is crucial to the perceived indoor climate. This explains the pleasant feeling of warmth and well-being that emanates from the sundreamglass heating panels.

The warmth of our heating panels does not produce drafts, does not raise dust, prevents the development of mould, it is quiet, does not make the air dry, it does not release soot emissions or CO2.
The infrared heating panels prevent unnecessary heat waste typical of boiler rooms and plumbing because it generates heat directly into the room without wasting energy. sundreamglass consumes considerably less than a conventional electric system.

Our heating panels are manufactured 100% in Switzerland using high quality materials. We always pay special attention to finishes and details in order to offer a product of great elegance and high technology.

Sundreamglass - Swiss Quality